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It is said that this whole valley was once covered in water and was known as Satisar meaning - the Holy pond. It is also said that in that pond there lived a Demon and the locals were scared of the demon, then there came a Reshi - Saint; whose name was Kashap, he then cut down a mountain through which the whole water was flown and the demon was killed. On his name Satisar was changed into Kashapmor - the home of Kashap. Slowly the name became -Kashmir.


Kashmir was ruled by many Kings but the golden age of Kashmir was the Mughul Period; who built many monuments as well as gardens and gave kashmiris a way to live. One of the Mughul emperiors said;

Agar firdous ba rouye zameen aast;

Hami aasto, Hami aasto, Hami aast


If there lies Paradise on earth;

It's here It's here It's here.

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